Brian Cashman’s Most Important Offseason Ever @SimonettiSource

November 2, 2021


hey everybody what is going on pete simonetti here for ny news got a big video to talk about of course i also want to talk about this right now so yeah your boy’s a little uh a little beat up right now um shoulder completely dislocated left shoulder completely dislocated everything inside there is torn including the rotator cuff um and also bone chips so um 20 21 as you guys know has been a tough year for everybody definitely no doubt about it’s been a pretty tough one for for me um hardest year like i said i put a tweet about the hardest year of my life uh when it comes to all this stuff that’s happened all this year but also some of the greatest blessings of my life um ny news doing so great and um so many other things coming like i said i talk about january a lot um so much things coming up but guys i want to talk about this today enough about me all about the yankees let’s do this brian cashman’s biggest off season is right now this is it this is the biggest off for yankee general manager brian cashman no doubt in my mind this is it the yankees right now at a crossroads there’s a lot of things they can do there’s a lot of things they should do think the majority of the fan base all agrees that there needs to be some pretty significant changes here what that will be is what’s going to determine maybe the next few years down the line for the new york yankees like i said earlier they’re at that crossroads so let’s break a couple of things down here we know the open positions we know the free agents my big thing is what changes are going to be made what true changes are going to be made we know okay the easy things right them they feel a short stop likely uh they’ll probably sign a first baseman could be anthony rizzo or if that doesn’t happen dj lemayo probably plays first what is it here’s the question i’m asking as me and francis leave asked besides maybe those two free agent changes from the beginning of 2020 to 2021 sorry the beginning of 2021 to what it would be in 2022 so i’m not counting anthony rizzo in that and gallow because you know they came in mid-season the starting lineup we need some new names in there i believe and i’m telling you guys this is my belief aaron hicks will be in center field i think cashman loves him i don’t think that’s going anywhere we’ll see what happens with gary sanchez we could see a change at third base maybe unexpectedly uh whoever that might be you guys know i’m a huge fan of jose ramirez i think if that trades out that you open up anything besides volpe in my opinion dominguez anybody could go for a guy like ramirez that is like the perfect get for the yankees um but is cashman gonna make a move at third is he gonna make a move um again at second base is glaber come back he’s gonna make the move at catcher he’s gonna make move in center a lot of people also get this hold up where they feel like well the pitching was good last year so hey it’s gonna carry on right we don’t need to worry about that well you do you do because you can’t look at previous year of what your team done and say it’ll duplicate or some guys are going to get better right severino is going to be better you know that improves us immediately none of that stuff you know i love the idea of robbie ray talked about this a long time and basically this video is i just want you guys opinion i want your guys opinion in the comments section below i love the idea of robbie ray i would love the idea of sean manaya i think you get both of those guys in the rotation because some people probably hear that and go well pete they already got i don’t care what they got that’s the way this team needs to be looked at right now by brian cashman he has to look at this club like we don’t have enough even in the positions we feel like we do have enough we don’t have enough severity’s back cool now let’s pair him with robbie ryan see if maybe you know maybe we make a trade with oakland maybe it’s not uh chapman maybe it’s not um um um um bassett maybe it’s not the big names that we think of the first baseman that everybody wants maybe it’s not those type of moves maybe it’s something like a sean manaya who i think would fit terrific in the yankee rotation maybe it’s a lutrevino for the bullpen but my point here is there’s a lot that can be done so looking at salary wise too if the yankees do some non-tendering if the yankees trade some salary if they look to be outside of the box for an example are all this chapman if a team wants to bite yankees off maybe 6 million 12 million on chapman for one year i think you’d have a lot of teams interested and if that’s the case is that something you do i would but would brian cashman because that’s all that matters at the end of the day folks what brian is that brian cashman’s game i don’t think so i don’t think so this is why i said at the start this is the most important offseason of brian cashman’s life as francis said and a few others have said to me maybe cashman saw last year the philosophy or the idea that these right-handed guys are going to be fine the idea that glaber tours is a shortstop we’ll make it work he’ll learn it he’ll get better maybe all that is is a part of learning even though brian cashman’s track record goes all the way back and it’s kind of never been i learned from my mistakes brian cashman’s a guy who is ego driven that is just fact he is ego driven for brian cashman to trade aaron hicks is like i gave up on him the trade didn’t work we got to win every trade that’s the way it is so people might point out while he traded for sonny gray and got rid of him sonny gray’s agent wanted him out sunday gray’s agent requested him be traded it just didn’t work that’s a hard one to fight so there’s a lot of things again that can be done here you got a lot of salaries you got a lot of guys on a 40 man that you don’t need dude yankees bringing a good role player off the bench do we see a little more balance in that lineup do we see a defensive catcher because i know a lot of people oh my god gary’s production gary’s open please stop it stop it stop it enough with the gary production really come on come on gary might go somewhere else would be terrific change of scenery is very needed in my opinion and honestly i think the yankees need a defensive catcher i think it’s that time they got a lot in their lineup guys you know what i mean if we’re being real here do the yankees gotta work about catcher production do they have to worry about catcher production do the yankees really have to say we got to make our lineup okay this guy we got gallo stanton judge lemay you torres maybe rizzo maybe uh geo maybe there’s a different third baseman i don’t know who it is whoever you want maybe a seeger and center and short we got all these guys check mark check mark check maybe we can trade for holes ramirez all these guys check check check check check yeah but uh we’re not getting a lot of production at catcher excuse me excuse me how about we get somebody that you know won a fielding bible award best defensive catcher in baseball right up there best framing does everything great jacob stallings i don’t know i i don’t know could work could be smart could be a good idea you know especially when he got an ace who doesn’t want to throw to your catcher who has declined and declined to decline and declined might be a good idea to make a change for as david ortiz talked about the bill maybe some team chemistry also the manager can help assist in that but we already know aaron boone doesn’t do that aaron boone doesn’t do that stuff the bullpen leave it leave it you could even trade from the pen you could trade salary from the pen earn yourself some more money maybe put it towards a a um a free agent maybe put it towards an extra free agent deal smaller deal something that’s going to help a little more maybe a role player maybe something that’s going to really help this team those are the type of things that brian cashman needs to do this off season brian cashman comes out guys i’m telling you right now he has a short stop hicks is in center urchella’s at third whoever is at second and first it’s the same nonsense sanchez behind a plate maybe they add a starting pitcher it’s the same guys so don’t buy into the propaganda hype that we go out there and sign the big free agent we back on top don’t fall for that trust me i’m telling you right now we’ve said it before me and francis if there are not significant changes don’t expect a significant result if there are not significant changes do not expect a significant result expect more of the same so again this is brian cashman’s crossroad this is the yankee crossroad and he’s given he’s he’s in charge of the ranks he’s the man this is brian cashman’s most important off season of his career you guys like share subscribe turn on notifications so you never miss a wonderful video from team nyy news let me know in the comments below do you agree with me do you disagree and if you do disagree why and if you agree with me let’s hear some of those moves let’s hear some of the changes that need to be made let’s start up some dialogue below in the comment section like the video subscribe if you have not we are doing so well to our goal of potentially hitting 6000 before january we’re probably about seven 650 away 648 subscribers away which would be absolutely tremendous to hit that number by january so that is my goal guys again this is pizzamanetti for the one the only ny news thank you guys also for the well wishes i’m doing good i’m here i’ll get through everything you guys will continue to see me videos are never going to slow down you guys know that talk to you soon guys appreciate it tell me