Carlos Correa, Luis Castillo, Matt Olson, Justin Verlander. @_NYYNEWS Discussing JAM PACKED Hot Stove

November 9, 2021


yo new york fans yet again it is felix from like always welcome yankees fans is that time of the year congratulations to the atlanta braves i know i’m late but um i haven’t uploaded a video since they won the world series and it’s amazing they want it without utilizing a whole bunch of players that they don’t for an example like johan carmago who is a sleeper might i add a switch hitter third baseman utility infielder that the braves barely utilize and they did it without acuna either so congratulations to the atlanta braves it doesn’t matter well it doesn’t matter how many games you win in the regular season but it matters when you get hot and get on a roll the braves certainly proved that and so did the uh washington nationals in 2019 so again it’s that time of the year again the hot stove that time of the year where yankees fans in particular are on the edge of their seats waiting for the yankees to act like the yankees and you know sign everybody and their mother if you ask me that’s what’s going to happen you have a whole bunch of disgruntled fans out there and what better way to make a splash and let’s say sign a carlos correa i don’t think the yankees are going to sign seeger i think they’re going to sign correa to be honest with you guys yes uh seeger is a left-handed bat but carlos correa has the numbers when it counts his post season numbers are incredible and uh the houston astros uh insulted him i mean you know 30 million dollars per year but the years weren’t there it’s not that insulting when we’re talking about money and we’re just regular people not making that kind of money but it’s pretty insulting when you offer a guy in like calls correa that kind of contract after what he did for your franchise you could call him like a franchise player as well so uh yeah uh carl’s career is not resigning with the astros also for an example you got guys in the minor leagues like volpe peraza waiting for their shot volpe has a lot of uh fans out there rightfully so he’s been performing he’s basically the best uh farmhand that the yankees have and if you sign a guy like uh calls correa he has the body frame to move over to third base and again you guys know that i would love the idea of carlos correa on his team i’ve been saying it for over three years now when it was the unpopular thing to say and plus i like it even more because it triggers these um screw correct he’s a cheater i don’t want him on my team he bit the yankees by cheating you know it triggers those kinds of fans but um you know the astros have reached the world series over and over again after that scandal so and carlos correa’s numbers are still there when it counts the postseason and you could say he’s a semi uh all-star in the regular season i’m not saying they didn’t cheat but obviously carlos correa’s numbers weren’t that affected that much you know like his arm his defense that guy has a cannon for an arm he’s just clutch he has the uh the attitude of a player that i want on this specific team see i’ve been complaining a lot that this team is soft they need a boater like carlos correa simple as that so moving along there’s talk out there that the yankees or i haven’t heard this specifically that the yankees would be interested in signing a verlander you see back in 2017 i took a lot of flank when it came to the yankees training for sunny gray or the uh talk that they wanted to trade for sunny grey was between vern lander and gray and a whole bunch of people are pushing sunny gray to the bronx even the new big newspapers i’ll give credit to the yes network they were actually pushing for a justin berlander but some long story put short i told my boy pete i said hey the team that trains for vern lander they’re going to be your 2017 world series champions and bam it happened i was 100 pushing for the yankees to trade for verlander but if you ask me today do i like to see verlander as a yankee i would have to tell you no you see this is going to rum some people the wrong way but i’m going to be 100 real the 2022 season is going to be an experiment for garrett cole as we saw his numbers get wacky after uh sticky substances being banned there’s been talk in the past that justin bernlander is that same kind of picture that he needs help with the grip gripping the baseball so i would not like a 39 38 year old joining the yankees when i know he’s that same kind of picture and i’m not trying to bash garrett cole i’m not just trying to experiment with two guys and knowing that justin verlander is an all-star type picture imagine if he implosion in new york this guy’s just going to get destroyed so yeah in 2021 and juan used felix is now passing on justin rolander after being a fanboy of his back in 2017. moving along luis castillo and i’m going to tell you this i’m going to take credit for sparking that rumor that got so big that the rest gm had to come out and say uh luis castillo is not on a trade market i’ll take credit for that i’ve made numerous videos about louise castillo but he’s another one he had a weird finish as well he finished about one eight and 16 or something like that but his numbers were somewhat there was he another picture affected by the sticky substance ban who knows there’s a lot of talk that it’s going to be added or whatever taken out of the negotiations the cba where they’re going to put a better grip on the baseball i don’t know but it seems to me these uh power pictures you know curveball pictures were basically destroyed by uh this band so who knows if they uh allow these pictures to somewhat get a better grip on the baseball with these negotiations we we don’t even know if there’s going to be a season in 2022 who knows but if you ask me if luis castillo’s out there i’ve made plenty of videos about him i always wanted him as a yankee but something tells me that brian cashman is not that smart and he’s going to pass on him hey maybe he could prove me wrong but brian cashman his credibility with me has gone down the drain for obvious reasons and when i say me i mean mostly the yankees fans out there yes luis castillo is available confirmed by the reds themselves let’s see now moving along to the first base situation do you resign rizzo do you make a trade with the half linux for an olson or do you move dj la mayhew who’s going to be a yankee for seasons to come do you move him to first base permanently you see here’s my take i had this opinion a few weeks ago you trade glamour torres you make that train with the oakland a’s you sign the calls correa and boom that’s your uh 2022 infield uh matt austin dj lemay who at second base carlos correa at shortstop and geo urchella at third it’s that simple play dj lemay here in his natural position you have a chip and taurus you could basically include them in the package for any player out there and you know matt austin would fit perfectly in the bronx that swing would dominate in the bronx and he’s on the trade market so yeah i would do it uh nice knowing you glabor wrapping this up here’s the time here’s the players that i wouldn’t like the yankees to obtain just wrapping it up from what i was saying earlier matt olson carlos correa and maybe a luis castillo all these players one of these players you get via free agency two of these players to get retreat and oh yeah i just reminded myself of this that luis rojas the former manager of the mets is potentially going to join the new york yankees as a third base coach or whatever and a lot of yankees fans hated that idea or hate that idea why it is a positive in my opinion bringing in a dominican coach are these guys forgetting about tony pena luis rojas comes from a baseball family do you guys forget who his father is so hell yeah i like that idea bring him over here he’s going to help a lot of latin players on this ball club i’m not saying the yankees don’t have latino coaches like mendoza but this guy there’s a whole bunch of dominicans playing for you guys so yes make it happen it’s close to happening but yes make it happen i know there’s a lot of players that are left out if you guys want to uh leave your opinions we have a new segment called ny news mic pass and the information to submit your audio was left on there hey if you guys disagree with me or need to chime in some more send me your audios so again leave your opinions in the comment section below and like always this has been felix from share like and subscribe and i will check you out next time friends