Future Yankee? Corey Seager, Carlos Correa? THE ANSWER @SimonettiSource

November 14, 2021


what is going on everybody pete simonetti here for nyy news the offseason is here you guys know and man oh man shortstop is the position that everybody’s talking about from your beat writers to your mainstream reporters to your youtube content creators to fans to bandwagon fans and right smack dab in the middle of that are our beloved new york yankees who are they gonna go for you know the mainstream guys say it is correa or it’s seeger that is what everybody believes right now so i’m not gonna talk much about corey seeger today because i definitely want to hit on carlos correa and i also want to hit on a uh rumor so to say or news i have been told by three different people now and you know well we’ll get to that towards the end let’s right now focus on carlos correa and and a little bit i’ll start off with corey seeger a little bit we know the pluses on corey seeger right world series champion that’s left-handed makes a lot of contact overall a good player we know he’s not the greatest defender at shortstop the yankees believe they could move him over to third base he could play well there and um you know you don’t want that middle infield defense of being labor torres and corey seeger it’s not gonna be the best up the middle in baseball no doubt about that but again he got the accolades right he got the world series title he seems like he’s a winner he’s a good ball player good teammate all those good things we hear about corey seeger carlos correa and by the way before i jump any further on that one i’d be happy with seeger i wouldn’t be upset about him most uh i i believe passing rosenthal only i think they all believe that seeger sherman is going to be a yankee they feel like that’s the guy they eventually go for carlos correa i like the player i love the player i tell you off the bat one of the things i love most about carlos correa is he’s edgy he has a pearl he has an attitude the yankees need a little edginess i talked about it when i said about them getting robbie ray he’s a bulldog he’ll go out there go after you if he needs to talk a little bit if he has to you know the yankees need that type of edge aaron judge you know isn’t really hated by other people he’s not really the enemy he tried to do something sometimes with the boombox and all that didn’t really pay off or work out too well but aaron judge doesn’t come across at all as the enemy you know he doesn’t he doesn’t have that persona about him now correa on the other hand people are going to hate him you know what i mean and if he’s on the yankees they’re going to hate us they’re going to hate us they’re going to hate that we got this guy and i know fans right away are going to bring up well he cheated and the team cheated and the astros astros astros did this correa said that you know correa’s had some comments about derek jeter recently on whatever it was saying that you know he didn’t deserve those gold gloves and things like that but you know brian cashman grace with him you know brian cashman had a lot of things to say about jeter towards the end of his career during those negotiations so i mean hey it is what it is i mean people could say what they want they can have their opinions um but we know what correa does good right he’s a great defensive shortstop uh platinum gold glove winner platinum glove winner excuse me uh terrific overall uh does everything well in the field flashy does it all makes the easy plays makes the hard plays he’s the best defensive shortstop of the crop that’s available great arm great glove again everything there checks out a plus uh great bat big postseason hitter we know that we’ve seen that time and time again edgy to me is a pro some people see it as a con i see it as a major pro footage ball club cons i guess kind of what you hear i guess the fan a lot of the fan base uh you know they said aaron judge doesn’t want him here and come on brian cashman isn’t doing his job if that’s even in his consideration gotta improve the ball club simple as that so for me as i said before call up with uh with corey seeger i like him a lot i also like corey uh i also like carlos um carlos correa no problem with either one of those guys signing with the yankees i have no problem at all we know it’s going to take a lot of money most people project 300 plus for the both of them and we’ll see those negotiations go uh from what i hear i’ve had a lot of people tell me that they feel that it is also gonna be correa or seeger that those are the two yankees are truly going after hard now i talk to on a weekly basis when i started i was about three now it’s about five or six guys who who i trust who have given me good information there’s three of them who i i truly trust one of them’s a newer one who is um who’s a friend who’s really good he knows his basically uh been there and done that too so three of these people have told me this three of them have flat out told me hal steinberger is not gonna sign another 300 million dollar deal we’ll see where that goes but i’ve had three people tell me the same exact thing he will not sign a 300 plus million dollar contract knowing that he wants aaron judges to stay a yankee he wants aaron judge to stay a yankee and he’s not going to lock somebody in for 300 plus million dollars those three other people have also told me do not believe the whole idea that the yankees have soured on trevor’s story they told me all three of them said they think that is the short stop the yankees actually land trevor story because again i don’t like to get into the estimations of money and all that i just never really liked that stuff of guessing that um but it’s very much expected that story is going to get a lot less than seeger or correa so the yankees mindset there could be maybe we can upgrade center field with a martay maybe we can upgrade first base you know maybe we can do some different things with saving a little bit of money or not going as crazy as we expected but really putting extra production into the into the batting order that’s not necessarily trade driven would you you know got your play with that also afterwards but i’ve heard that from three different people and these are three good people these are three people that that know their that have been right many times before so we’ll see what happens but again the other people i talked to seemed to fall in line with your rosenthals and those guys that said they fully expect the yankees to go to possibly payrolls 260 70 80 maybe even 90. so you know everybody i talked to personally to on dms they asked me oh pete what are they gonna do what are they gonna do i tell everybody the same thing there’s a ton of conflicting stuff out there right now there’s a ton of it i can give you what i think could happen but there’s a ton of conflicting things out there right now what that just tells me is that the yankees have their hands all over the place right now they’re trying to figure out what would be the best fit they’re trying to figure out how the off season goes if brian cashman is really doing his job guys that’s the way to go about it right now there’s a lot of changes that need to be made in this club and if you’re just focusing hard on one or two guys it’s not usually what gm’s do anyway but he needs to have his cards on the table and he also needs to have a really good template with some with some really good ideas on it of uh twists and turns that can happen in this offseason we know teams like detroit are gonna be you know spending some money we know texas are to be spending some money so it really depends on how many guys you know want to win or want the money more and it’s never going to be a i don’t think it’ll ever be a gigantic gap of a difference but you know is it possible that seeger signs for under 300 maybe correa i don’t see so as much i think somebody’s gonna offer him that maybe not who knows uh story definitely he’s gonna sign under 300 that we know it might sign under 200 or probably will i think most estimations have him signing under 200 million so it depends it depends it’s a very interesting time for the yankees i do know that there’s definitely interest in correa we know to this interest in seeger and you don’t got to take my word for that take the mainstream guys out there if you want to believe them that’s fine and again if you hear me saying don’t count out trevor’s story that is me telling you guys what i’ve been told and there’s not a lot of mainstream guys out there saying they’re saying that they have soured on them i’m hearing that it’s not necessarily true so we’ll see what happens on the market with story but i’ll tell you what depending on what else they do i wouldn’t mind story too much very good defender plays a lot not usually out due to injury and things of that nature of you guys one of the stats i brought up earlier about carlos correa is and this is not me you know knocking him or saying uh don’t go after him a lot of yankee fans when they talk about aaron judging an extension they like to say well we don’t know if that’s the best idea because he’s injury prone and he’s this and he’s that since 2017 aaron judges played 45 i mean i messed that up didn’t i 45 more games than carlos correa has since 2017 once judge became a regular he has played 45 more games than carlos correa so that’s an interesting stat because you don’t hear that much about carlos correa that he’s injured a lot and and things of that nature you don’t really hear about that a lot um you do hear about it a bit with corey seeger but um you don’t hear much about carlos correa but he’s you know he’s had his his fair share over there so you know um um for the people saying that the yankee fans saying that specifically you know hold your horses a little bit guys hold your horses a little bit so overall guys i wouldn’t mind any one of those three i’m just telling you what i’m here to say is don’t count out a deal for trevor story don’t be upset if the yankees don’t get one of those top two there’s a lot of ways this offseason could go that’s why it’s so interesting that’s why you got so much conflicting reports out there but i’ll tell you what don’t be shocked when you hear that the yankees have met with his agents or there’s been conversation there or a rumor starts up trevor story the yankees tried to trade for him remember at the deadline uh the rockies played it horribly we know that they wanted too much from everybody they end up not trading them at all just a horrible job by the rockies but the yankees were one of the last remaining teams in there trying to get trevor story so and then they obviously turn to anthony rizzo and brings them over so it’ll be very interesting to see again great options out there love the edge that court that uh that carlos correa could bring to this club i think it’s very needed and and we know who corey seeger is we know the type of bat what that would do to this yankee lineup and how much more dynamic it would make it any of these guys makes the yankees offense better one we know that uh the pros usually really outweigh the cons for all of these guys in my opinion especially upgrading what our shortstop has been so that would be a major upgrade either way so guys again in the comment section below let me know what you think about all this all the news that i’m putting out there right now about story the just the idea overall who you would want out of those three for right now correa seeger and story and think about money too you know think think of you being in the seat there what you would do would it open up a chance for the yankees if they got a guy like trevor story to maybe get robbie ray also to maybe get sterling martay think about the things that can open up potential trades too uh what it could do for the yank so let me know again in the comments below and if you guys have not subscribed please go ahead and do so put the notifications on so you never miss an ny news video again guys i am pizza minetty for the one the only nyy news i will talk to you guys again very very soon thank you tell me