Gleyber Torres On The Move? DON’T BE SHOCKED @SimonettiSource

November 10, 2021


hey everybody what is going on pete simonetti here for ny news i know we did a live chat yesterday but guys news is hot this off season already and i gotta talk about it so i had a good conversation this morning with somebody very much in the know of the yankees thinking and the great thing i got about this because you guys know i haven’t i wouldn’t say i’ve been negative but i’ve been down on the talk and we’re gonna do this and we got latitude and all these other things that brian cashman says i’m all about action this team we know they got to make changes we saw the deadline they recognized the righties were too much they brought some lefties in there’s hope here that there may be significant changes i’m telling you this right now because i am told that brian cashman’s approach this year is very different in the regard right now i don’t know much about the money side we’ll take him at his word for that we’ll see where that goes but again even the way he said that yesterday could really go anyway but i am told the table is is is empty the prospect pool is to the side he opens the bag up lifts it up and pours them all on the table and goes let’s play games here let’s play ball that’s what i’m told including some other pieces the man this video is about briefly labor taurus i’m told by my best guy don’t be shocked if gleber taurus is moved his reasoning is he’s the guy still that a lot of teams want and brian cashman isn’t backing down from that there has been no har line drawn in the sand that says glaber’s untouchable we’re not doing it now again labor may not be moved and cashmere will come out and say you know he’s an untouchable we like him we want to do this but my understanding is for some of the big names out there your olsons whatever could tell martes maybe maybe there’s other trades out there that present itself for starting pitching miami labor tours wouldn’t necessarily hinder a deal now would the yankees do labor plus multiple top prospects i don’t know i i don’t know if they would do that my understanding is everyone is on the table the one name you hear a lot about that isn’t is what we talked about yesterday that’s anthony volpe yankees really love this kid because they feel like he’s the next jeter and they feel like he’s very capable of moving to third or second base if he really needs to they do feel his body’s getting bigger so he’s gonna hit for more power and that may hinder his defense a little bit at short but they love him there so here’s a tweet i put out today and this is basically regarding this so i wanted to make this video because i want to give a little meat to what uh a short tweet says i said glaber is not an untouchable not at all don’t be surprised if he has moved in a major as a major part in the trade so that has been brought up to me now by just to put it bluntly for you guys somebody who knows his if he said it it’s legit and most of the stuff that i put out quickly and to talk about i’ll do it in confidence if i’m told by that person i always tell you guys this if i’m told by a few others i talk to i want to get it confirmed by somebody else then i’ll put information out but don’t be shocked if glebe taurus is moved now some of you may sit back and go but pete why he’s controllable isn’t that kind of what the yankees want in a way yes but remember many ways the yankees go this offseason really determines how their infield’s going to look let’s play a game yankees trade for olsen let’s say gleber’s not part of that deal let me tell you why he probably should be trade for olsen they signed corey seeger and now you’re looking around going um we also you know gave a lot of money and years to dj lemayo we know he was hurt last year defense wasn’t bad wherever he played really he’s best at second base we know that but he was injured we got an excuse for him we’ll see how he does when he’s healthy but we kind of know who this guy is so what do we do with him he’s the least value of dj lemayo is moving him off second base you drop his value to your own club third base first of all he’s not great great defensively there he’s good he’s passable but he’s not dj lemayo at second base who’s arguably one of the best second base defenders in the league and at first base i’ve been on record of saying i think he’d do good i think it would be his other best position second or first i think is our best position but second by far so you brought in seeger who’s not great defensively we know that not terrible he’s average maybe he’s slightly above slightly below however you feel however you see the eye test and then of course analytic numbers however you want to look at those but the best infield at that moment would be geo back at third or you know you got kyle seeger out there who’s a good third baseman also another lefty there’s a lot of things you could do there but let’s just say let’s just go with geo geo at third see your short second base you got glabor there first base you got olsen your middle of the order of the line of the of the field is not good now replace that and say you got geo seeger dj and olsen boy so this is big news because look if the yankees recognize something to that level i’m on record i’m on record you guys know this i’m on record i’ve said it the yankees come out there they dump gary sanchez i am getting hyped for this offseason but if they keep the same guys around i’m not getting hyped i got a feeling to be one or two and that’s it and that’s not enough i’ve been saying that but it’s good to know that cashman is very willing to wheel and deal and he’s very willing to deal guys that he acquired we know what cashman’s ego is that is legit anybody would tell you that anybody would tell you cashman’s ego gets in the way of what he does we know he trades with a lot of the same teams good news for the yankees fans is olson is one of them olsen is one of them sorry i’m getting i’m getting so many messages today it’s crazy i love this time of year i live for this i live for this um but olsen is one of them i mean oakland is one of them and olsen’s the guy we want don’t be shocked cashman goes out there and gets olsen and a starting pitcher because if you’re looking at a deal that could possibly include glaber voigt and then multiple prospects you’re also beating up you know killing two birds with one stone there you’re getting a legitimate legitimate first baseman only makes about 8 million and a starting pitching starting pitcher to go into your rotation that i i on record also saying i think you need to then you got money to play with then you got seeger maybe correa maybe a center fielder maybe starlin marte in a three-year deal two years in an option i don’t know higher aav you also got the potential of an extension of aaron judge oh here we go the best yankee infield has dj lemayo at second base can’t deny that there’s no way no way and no form of denying that the best yankee infield is digital mayor second base so without you know going any further i’m gonna get back to doing what i do i’ll get videos will come immediately if there’s information but the news i have right now is that brian cashman the war room for brian cashman has all of his soldiers on the field that may be a little hesitant with one guy and that’s volpe they don’t want to move but my understanding is everybody including glaber torres is on the table gleber torres could be on the move that will be very very interesting to see if it plays out that way but it’s good to know that early talks have not stopped because of certain names being mentioned that alone is very very important stay tuned guys more to tell come