NYYNEWS Mic Pass: Alex Filipponi – Smart Moves The Yankees Should Make & One Under The Radar Trade

November 3, 2021


how’s it going exchanges this is my news.com mic where everyday ordinary yankees fans get a platform to showcase their opinions submit your takes in mp3 audio too and why insider gmail.com i can help you explode what’s going on yankee fans this is alex reporting from ny news felix was kind enough to give me the mic for this uh this rant so thank you felix and i’m gonna go and uh just say what i think the yankees should do that’s not about what they will do for sure if this video or this recording came out a couple weeks ago boone wouldn’t be there aaron hicks would not be even in the discussion but here we are i make suggestions they make decisions so that being said i’d like to point out a few things that the yankees may do that they probably should do and uh let’s just go around the diamond real quick let’s start about gary sanchez let’s be honest we haven’t played him in a do or die game two years in a row how many times we gotta keep playing this he’s due to make at least eight million dollars this year it’s one more year before he hits free agency he needs to go what more do you want to say he can’t really hit he just he’s got tons of talent but he can’t really hit no pitchers like the throw to him what more do you want i’m okay with the stop gap right now um yang gomes is a free agent we got a couple guys down on the farm that could potentially be that replacement not quite ready just yet um one thing to maybe look out for i don’t think it will happen but uh mike zenino does have a club option with the raise if for any reason the raise declined that option five minutes later the yankees should have a contract ready and waiting for him but right now sanchez is the guy under contract he needs to go if we had to get somebody anyone to replace him it’s fine with me the guy can’t catch you can’t pitchers aren’t even relying on throwing breaking balls to him he’s affecting the entire pitching staff even to the point where our ace has to have a personal catcher which is another issue entirely so then let’s moving on to first base you know anthony rizzo i liked him personally i like his leadership i like what he brings to the table but he’s not coming back he’s just not dj la mayhew is probably going to be our starting first baseman this year we’ve given him that long contract for a reason i don’t see him playing that utility type of role that he originally signed with the yankees for back in 2019 but he’s our first baseman if we need somebody for just a glove who’s going to be contact we already have him on the roster second base we got glabor i can’t bel i can’t wrap my head around letting glay rotorus go or trading him right now because his value is so substantially so so low right now and we know what kind of talent he’s got he’s still young um looking at his build i’m not that confident in his uh his ability to be very successful in the future i do think him moving to second base is going to be a tremendous help if he stays at second base leave him at second base and let him try and work out the problems he’s had but right now his trade value is so low to where why you might as well just keep him and hopefully he brings it back i really hope he becomes the all-star that we’ve seen in the past shortstop that’s the fun one we know cashman’s already said he wants to he’s going to be looking for a shortstop now let’s just get this out of the way first everyone’s saying corey seeger if those rumors are true that corey seeger for 300 million we can stop talking about corey seeger right now if we’re gonna spend that money whether you like it or not carlos correa would be that guy me personally i don’t want to see correa come to new york not anything to do with the scandal not anything to do about the 2017 cheating we all know about that but as yankee fans if he came into new york and he hit a couple big bombs we’d all get over it i don’t personally don’t want correa because of a couple reasons one he is going to cost a fortune if you haven’t noticed these yankees are not the george steinbrenner yankees these are the hal steinbrenner yankees where they are very concerned about finances it seems like even to their detriment at some times but correa who’s 27 years old if he’s gonna get 300 million which he very well likely will you’re gonna have to give him a lot of years you talk about a middle infielder who’s great now but father time comes for everybody and he hasn’t had too much injury history but he does have a history of some back issues which is really concerning for a long-term middle infielder again he’s a great player don’t really like his attitude too much but he is a great player it is what it is but i wouldn’t sign him for that reason alone now the other side of the coin is we have our top two prospects that are short one of which that we know of is anthony volpe who the yankees are not trading for anybody he is a future stud now what may happen is he might become the future third baseman and then number two prospect oswaldo peraza will be the long-term shortstop i do believe that peraza is probably better suited long-term as a shortstop and volpe with his amount of talent will still be a great third baseman as well as offensive juggernaut with that being said we do need the shortstop they’ve been they’ve been talking about it for a while now they don’t seem to be too inclined on trevor’s story i think the move being that you have these two up and coming shortstops is marcus simeon the guy hits the ball the guy obviously he can move to another position when these two short stops are ready and are playing in the field at the major league level simeon’s the guy and the biggest thing is he’s not going to cost that much probably get away with three to five years maybe 150 million but you’re not going to be locked into a very long contract with a guy like marcus seaman who is going to be able to do a lot of things the yankees have not been able to do this past year so moving on still have rochelle i’m sure there’ll be some offers made on him um he’s not our problem let’s be honest he’s really not but i’m sure they’ll be filled in some offers and i know i missed it but voight will probably have some offers filled in his way as well but um the biggest one was let’s talk about the outfield aaron hicks for some reason or another is going to be back again i mean how many games are you going to play 40 60 maybe i mean how many times you got to keep replaying replaying this over and over again we know what he is he’s always hurt but he’s here that’s what they’re gonna go with and you know that’s my biggest knock on this yankee front office they don’t never they never seem to know when to admit when they’re wrong i mean hicks is a very good player when he plays but he never plays so it’s not about if but when we need to get a new center fielder judge is obviously the cornerstone give him a contract now left field we did trade for joey gallo we have stanton who proved that he can play the field and if you haven’t noticed he plays he hits better when he’s in the rhythm of playing in the field however my inclination is to have judge and stanton both play right field as well as dh partially they keep them healthy when it comes to left field i honestly don’t hate joey gallo as much as a lot of people do he does provide some value that the yankees didn’t really have gold glove defense he does walk obviously strikes out a ton but the biggest knock on him is that he thinks too much it’s been reported that he thinks too much and that’s just not going to fly in new york it doesn’t work and i don’t get me wrong i like joey gallo as a person i hope he has a great career i just don’t think he’s right for this team i do however think that there is a left fielder who is perfect for what the yankees need and no one’s talking about him so in my choice of a roster gallows traded get some more prospects in we don’t have to look too far go to yankee stadium south and go to the orioles and make a deal for cedric mullins we’ve seen him for a few years now but has anyone really seen what he did last year he batted 291 stole 30 bases hit 30 homers he’s probably going to win the silver slugger award and he’s 27 years old and this is the orioles you don’t have to trade that much for him it won’t be you want to give up dominguez you would have to give up volpe or peraza you might package a couple prospects but this is a guy the yankees need he’s versatile he was their center fielder so when aaron hicks goes down you have your back up you have your center fielder ready and waiting but as of right now i’d have him be playing in left field left field in yankee stadium’s always been known as you need a second center fielder he fits the bill perfectly and let’s not forget he’s also a left-handed bat the last point i would like to make on is the rotation pitchings actually was very good this year and i know a lot of people want robbie ray and i like robbie ray my only thing is that he he’s probably winning the cy young this year and with that being said he had a career year good for him but i do believe someone is going to overpay for them and when someone’s overpaying for a pitcher who never had a year like this in the past who’s had injury history might not be the best long-term investment if it’s me i’m putting my money towards carlos rodon who is a top flight pitcher younger than robbie ray and i believe has more upside beyond that though this is alex from ny news and i’ll talk to you soon