Who Will Be The Yankees Catcher In 2022? @SimonettiSource

November 5, 2021


what is going on everybody pete simonetti here for nyy news guys this is gonna be a topic of conversation for the longest time until we know for sure if gary sanchez is gonna be back or not this is gonna be a topic of conversation we know that it’s gonna be one of the hottest topics you guys i think already know my opinion i’ve made it be known i’ve said it i said what i think what well i said what i would do which is a lot of what this video is about and i’ve said what i think they’re going to end up doing which i don’t have confidence the yankees will really make a change at catcher i got a gut feeling and hopefully i’m wrong that brian cashman said ah one year more let’s let’s go i’ll give him another shot or whatever and folks i think that’s completely the wrong move i’ve already stated my cases on why i believe that i’ve also already shot back on the naysayers regarding my opinion on this like oh the production production production what production what are you talking about the yankees don’t need to rely on catcher production to be a good team and that’s the thing i think people got to get in their heads and the guy we are seeing seems like it’s either a i am not who you guys thought i was thing or a cry for help i need to get out of here let me go somewhere else that’s not as scrutinized and maybe i will become this really good player with the national league having a dh open that’ll be a great spot for gary sanchez by the way a great spot for gary sanchez maybe you know a brewers would need a bat miami would be terrific i think there’s a lot of good spots open out there for for gary sanchez but for now let’s talk about the yankees um i will again go ahead and go over some of my griefs with gary you guys have heard them all many years ago it feels like many years ago now your boy right here you’re looking at him the guy who broke the story the guy who broke it down for all of you the guy who started the conversation about gary sanchez being quote-unquote lazy not coming to camp the way the yankees asked him to hitting weight goals and things of that nature and everybody on pete because god forbid you talk about gary you better be right source come to find out pizza manetti of ny news was 100 spot on a-rod then followed up after that he had an ex-yankee coach follow-up after that many in the industry followed up after that that gary sanchez has an issue hell there’s even a scouting report the year he was called up that basically questions his heart that questions his ability to actually become a better defensive catcher so again this was never and i said in those early videos way back in the day when i broke the story about the yankees brass not being happy with them i even said it back then this is not a knock on gary sanchez this is just c you know i’m putting out the information that i am told that i know is accurate and i put it out there so you know a lot of people started this oh pete hates gary and a lot of you guys who have followed me for years now you guys know that that’s the case and i’ve always said i hope gary sanchez is the best catcher in baseball year in and year out for the yankees i also said me and felix and i think felix actually said this before me trade him for real mudo get jt real muddle back then the yankees didn’t do it hey that’s all history we can’t go back to that now gary’s who he is the yankees got to make the decision do we move on without him or do we keep him for another year and see what happens we pay him seven or so million or whatever it’s gonna cost do we decline him and resign him for less would he accept that um it’s interesting we’ll see he’s a non-tender candidate i think he is i don’t think it goes that route personally but we will see i think his value is definitely there to be traded um is it what it was no but i do think for a one year guy especially with the dh coming to the national league the yankees get some good form because if the national league has that dh you could say well look guys there’s really never been a question about his bat now if you want to talk about batting average well you know i’ll throw slugging percentage numbers at you i’ll throw homers for catchers at you i can throw those things at you so we’re gonna have to get something decent that we’d want in return to move them but you know a lot of the things gary did um earl from twitter shout out to earl um who had to ruin my morning i wake up and i see the play against the mets when gary sanchez got the ball about 20 feet ahead and walked away basically and pulled away from the bag and allowed him to score still to this day i think that’s the worst catching play of all time i i don’t think that would ever happen with many other catchers maybe none and i almost feel like i could put my hand on fire for that one um i don’t think that happens with many people but it did it happened and then the pop-up and the bad framing the past balls the not wanting you know cold cole doesn’t want to pitch to him and again i wanted to detail about that on the designated spitters pod that i think a lot of that has to do with aaron boone too and kevin curran mentioned this also is getting did he ever get these guys in a room and go look guys hash it out but if you guys remember too a lot of people get mad and i said guys look at the end of the day they don’t have a manager with balls so it’s gonna be up to coal simple as that they don’t have a manager that goes garrett look you guys need to work this out because i’m telling you to so figure out what the problem is work on it together and move on they don’t have a manager like that so all year when people argued i was like guys you arguing this for no reason they don’t have a manager with balls it’s gonna be gary cole’s decision simple as that disagree with it or not that’s the fact it’s garrett cole’s decision they don’t have a manager who’s gonna say nah that’s not happening on my club they don’t have that so looking forward two names that are now being talked about among most yankee fans again i guarantee you you heard here first nobody and i mean nobody on twitter yankee beat writers or anybody else was telling you all late early last year about jacob stallings as pizza manetti was nobody was talking about carson kelly end of last year into the off season on round tables like pizza minetti was but again not to toot my own horn even though i’m tooting my own damn horn because i can and i want it because you know i’m in pain so i want to be you know this right here hi how you doing it’s annoying let me let me let me have a little enjoyment fam okay let me have a little enjoyment anyway let’s hope one of these two guys is the yankee catcher next year okay so there’s news out of arizona that the diamondbacks may move on from carson kelly because he’s often injured i think he’s never had more than like 314 at-bats and they got um dalton varshall who is an outfielder but also plays catcher and they think they might turn to dalton a little more to be their regular catcher now again carson kelly shouldn’t be cheap he won’t come cheap so don’t go ahead and say tyler wade and uh and uh let’s see tyler wade and uh lucas lucky for him no that’s not gonna happen it’ll be a pretty decent trade i don’t know the significance of it but um i’ll let you guys get into that in the comments section below cause you guys are better at trades than i am i hate that whole let’s make up trade ideas i don’t like doing it it’s not fun sometimes yeah you like to get an idea and a projection but not a big fan of it so last year carson kelly had a 2.2 war um decent defensively but again if you’re looking at potential for the future and a guy who could potentially be an all-star caliber catcher carson kelly’s your guy out of him and jacob stallings there’s no doubt about it the higher upside the younger player carson kelly is going to be 27 next year it’s carson kelly there there’s no denying that last year overall i’ll give you guys his numbers now again 2.2 war 304 at bats second highest he’s had in his career 13 homers 240 average 46 rbis on base percentage 343 slogan 411 ops 754 and again on the defensive side not bad um he’s not a bad defensive catcher at all so you know if you see that i see some people saying well how good is he’s a good defensive catcher he’s not bad he’s well improved upon gary sanchez put it that way um if that’s the way you want to see it he is well improved on gary sanchez and again potential wise future outlook wise of talent this would be your guy it’s gonna cost a little more um i don’t believe he would be a free agent for a while um i don’t have that in front of me actually i do he will not be as early as free age will be 2025. so you’re looking at 22 23 and 24 with them three full seasons where again he’ll be cheap um arbitration will kick in and get a little bit of a raise because he’s a good hitter but um the main thing with carson kelly is staying healthy and the workload the workload would be a little new for him i think the yankees either got to commit either one of these guys i think they would have to commit with kyle higashioka getting some reps getting a good amount of reps and giving these guys you know not as much playing time as some of us probably would want i do think these guys need their rest neither one of them have had a ton a ton of at bats a ton of ton of games underneath them the most games that carson kelly has ever played in is 111 and that was arguably or not even arguably that was his best year in the major leagues 18 homers 47 rbis this was in 2019 that was his best year in the majors and that is the most games he ever played most at-bats he’s ever had so that was the best of course in kelly a couple of years ago so the big thing for him is health if you’re looking at potential this is your guy now over to jacob stallings stallings on his ears you guys know he is right now a finalist for the gold glove award last year i mean he’s the finals for gold glove award he’s also won the fielding bible award for the best defensive catcher so again with a guy like him let me get his numbers first and i tell you the difference between the two and and why i would favor one over the other actually at this moment for the new york yankees a three war last year 374 bats eight home runs 246 average on base percentage 335 slugging 369 ops 704 it is his best offensive year in the major leagues his most games played 112 in the major leagues and again many around baseball believe this is the best defensive catcher in baseball that is the major major plus now i’m sure you guys want to hear who i would choose because you guys know i love both of these guys i’ve been talking about them longer than anybody out there and giving you guys the information on both of these fellas for me carson kelly is the potential guy he is the guy who may become a really good catcher for years to come he’s the guy that’s a little more risky he’s the guy you’re taking more of a risk on because there’s the offense potential there’s the defense potential but then there’s the idea of the uncertainty of them we are not a hundred percent of who we’re getting but we know this guy could be very good there’s also the potential that he doesn’t play many games now guys get over injuries and catching’s a demanding position we all know that but you got to think that way looking forward for the yanks because the yankees need to win a world series under this garrett cole contract before they opt out they gotta try to win a world series where their best guys are young in their prime and give him the best shot of winning in my opinion just looking so trust me if i’m if somebody comes to me goes pete just disclaimer you got to choose one of these two for the next four to five years carson kelly all day all day carson kelly because potential if somebody came to mingle pete you get one of these guys for 2022. it’s jacob stallings because defense to me is really what has been missing from that position not offense gary sanchez can hit you 20 plus homers we know that gary sanchez combat 210 have a decent you know good slugging percentage i drive in some runs i do all that stuff i want defense i’m at the point now where i want defense i want my young pitchers and my pitchers in general to know they could bounce a ball in the dirt they could have the confidence in bouncing a ball in the dirt they don’t have to be worried about maybe gary not being able to block this pitch i want one of the best defensive catchers on this club period don’t give me the nonsense about making up gary’s production that’s stupid that’s a poor argument for the new york yankees if you’re worried about that may i remind you may i remind you you got aaron judge you got g and carlos stanton you got dj lemay you’re coming back from from injury all year you’ve got global tours who a lot of you feel like it needs to get a lot of your words gonna be much better at second base yankees also have a hell of a free asian pool opened up i expect them to get one of these guys they also got many great trades they can made a hell of a prospect pool they can move guys around from i don’t think you sit back and look at the yankee roster and go look if we trade gary that hurts our offensive production if that is the case bring them back if that’s the losing formula that was allowed losing excuse me cover your ears i should have put a warning if that is your formula that is again a losing formula and i will not go with that jacob stalling should be the guy should 150 be the guy the yankees trade for if he’s available i don’t see why he wouldn’t be i don’t see why that would be a problem i think the yankees can definitely pry him away um at throwing a pitching prospect you know what i mean again i don’t know that all the trade values and these websites you can use and blah blah blah i don’t care about that stuff i told you guys everybody’s up for grabs to me instead of uh besides anthony volpe who i actually might be seeing in december early december i might i might actually be seeing anthony volpe if i go to the um italian uh baseball thing um the dinner they got for him and tom ferducci uh maybe attending that so we’ll see i’ll keep you guys updated on that but overall jacob stallings is my guy i’m banking more on a guy being very good with our starting pitching stealing some strikes doing the little things that count and i i think with confidence i can say i think you’ll get two really good years from jacob stalin minimum that is until austin wells maybe really significantly improves offensively and could really be a full-time catcher or antonio gomez is ready those are the two main guys i’m looking at for the yankees when it comes to catching i think antonio gomez ends up being a guy if he stays healthy austin wells i think needs significant improvement at catching him there’s many people that’ll tell you now he’s way behind especially at the level he’s at his bat will carry him anywhere but in the catching position he’s way behind so guys that is my thought on the catching situation i don’t see any way you bring gary sanchez back and expect me to be happy i can’t i can’t i’ve seen enough of gary sanchez simple as that i know a lot of you disagree i have seen enough of gary sanchez guys it’s been a long journey for me and gary it’s been a long journey for me and gary a long journey i kind of been marked on twitter by many people as this big gary hater and that’s never been the case i just reported what i was told and can you say it was wrong can you say it was not true it’s proven true multiple times proven truth back then let alone now now everybody everybody’s on captain pete’s boat everybody jumped on captain pete’s boat but um carson kelly jacob stallings i wouldn’t be upset with either but i do think the win now 2022 catcher is jacob stallings you guys let me know in the comments section below and guys we are closing in on our january goal we are about 600 subscribers away from 6 000 subscribers guys please friends family any yankee fans you know share this link say guys follow pete and his team they got huge announcements coming out in january which we do actually coming out in december of everything we got planned in january the big new change coming up all the big additions you guys are not going to want to miss it again like share subscribe comment section below let me know what catcher you would choose maybe it’s somebody different than i mentioned uh maybe you guys would stick with gary maybe you nut balls will stick with gary i don’t know um let me know what you think about stalin’s let me know what you think about kelly and on top of that throw me some trades out there because you guys are better than me when it comes to these trade scenarios so guys again for pizza minetty and team nyy news i greatly greatly thank you guys and i will talk to you again very very soon