Yankees Make Roster Moves, What Does It Mean? @SimonettiSource

November 6, 2021


hey everybody what is going on pete simonetti here for ny news getting started here a little early we got about four minutes during that time i asked that you guys go ahead and share this out as i will be doing the same right about now give me a couple of seconds here i want to tweet this out so we can get everybody in here so we could talk about some of those roster moves the yankees made today and then also of course the off season because i know everybody is very very excited about what the new york yankees will do this off season so with that being said let’s go ahead and mute that there let’s go ahead and share this out if you guys are not sharing please go ahead and do that if you’re in like facebook groups and any other yankee group out there make sure they know that they are talking um or subscribe to ny news as we got so much stuff in store coming to you guys so i’m gonna share that right now one second it’s very hard to type with one hand live chat give me a second guys okay okay i think i made it through there live chat me paste that link all right shared on twitter that’s the main one that i share too so we’ll give it a little bit of time i just share that out there if you guys don’t mind sharing i’d appreciate it um you guys know that’s always one of the main things i ask of you all so we definitely got a lot of people jumping in here i appreciate that let me pull my stuff up here see who’s in here uh d and e what’s going on matt g what’s up li yankee king what’s going on my friend reuben what’s up fam kent jared uh rudiger i think it says i think that’s ruediger rodiger i’m not sure how to say that but yeah man thank you for being a new subscriber i appreciate that brian my friend thank you tyler what’s going on luis what is going on thank you for being here 161 river ave what is up uh jared again i said that already and everybody else who is joining dale what’s going on come on and join guys and we will go ahead and jump right into it and talk about today’s moves and what what it means for the yankees um uh what exactly um the breakdown of that is why they did what they did and then of course talk about what everybody wants to talk about right now and that is the offseason what are the new york yankees going to do and you know what does this mean for the yankees moving forward i’ve seen a lot of people kind of break down these moves and talk about what does this mean for the yankees going forward is this is this uh is is this the the start of the yankees having a very different roster well you know we’ll get there we’ll get there and we’ll chat about what basically today means and again answer some questions so let me pull up the last thing i need to pull up here then it is about to be 7 30 and we will jump right into it let me just make sure i got all the guys here i think i do that’s one that’s two three yeah that should be all them right there one two three and four yep that’s it yes one two three and four okay excellent so we got all that stuff and i’ll announce those first and then go from there bingo it is 7 30. so everybody that is in here thank you so much for being here um thank you for everybody with the get well soon yeah yeah man i’m uh i will be stronger and better than ever after these four or five months of fully healing ella yankee king man thank you so much for starting us off uh with the super chat um and then yeah if you guys got questions i’m gonna get to that after we talk about this stuff but i don’t think that’s really a question there by la yanking i mean the roster moves are just a clear clear roster space on popular opinion it would be best if yankee skip on the top shortstop class eli greatly appreciate your support man and we will get to that and i mean yes spoiler alert i feel like ella yankee king you just did the spoiler right there for the beginning of the video but we will talk about that we’ll have a lot to talk about when it comes to that um and i will of course get to those things but first let’s go ahead and start off with the moves the yankees made today and go from there what it means uh also to everybody in the comments again thank you guys so much about um uh wishing me some best wishes to get well i’m good i gotta go see the shoulder specialist um next week then i’ll find out how much damage is actually in there we already know rotator cuff is torn up ligaments are really torn up and beat up bad um and yeah of course the the hardest part which was the dislocation and getting that baby back in that was fun um if you ever want to see stars go ahead and do that a couple of times um but yeah thank you guys for worrying but doesn’t stop me from doing this so i’m right here it doesn’t stop me from anything coming up big for ny news which got a lot of them so stay tuned stay here and thank you guys but let’s get right into it the moves made today by the new york yankees we’ll go over them one by one again guys li yankee king said it in the super chat this is the clear a lot of roster space right but one thing i’m going to talk about that a lot of people aren’t talking about is the guys that can be added to the roster the rule five eligible guys that a lot of you guys may not know about i do we’ll talk about that first move first the pittsburgh pirates claimed outfielder greg allen off of waivers from the new york yankees i tell you guys about this stuff a lot i have a lot of friends in pittsburgh i actually know quite a bit about the pittsburgh pirates organization their system because of these friends and they actually give me a lot of good information on their players a lot of them were asking me today about greg allen and he’s a nice little piece for the pirates right i mean he did well for us we enjoyed him doesn’t really have a spot on this team i understand if everybody said maybe he’s a replacement of gardner all right but um not a major loss here for the yankees and again it does the job of clearing a spot next one is tim lecastro as claimed by the boston red sox and infielder andrew velasquez was claimed by the los angeles angels kind of funny on this one man people were really up in arms i made a joke i said well next year le castro’s gonna steal 15 or 14 bases off the yankees he’s recovering from an acl injury so guys it’s a joke the thing that’s not a joke is the reaction of the squid all i said about the squid was throw him back in the ocean who cares throw squid back in the ocean there’s a lot of yankee fans who wanted him to be the starter coming up this year no fam come on look i like squid i like the story get him out it’s fine i’m okay with it maybe he’ll be the starting shortstop when seeger is our starting shortstop who the hell knows but um i’m okay with this i know a lot of people were um a lot of yankee fans really loved the story they really got attached to the player they liked who he was they liked what he brought to the table so i understand what yankee fans came on that but this is not some major loss this is not a major loss and the last thing is the yankees went ahead and um optioned rob brantley to triple a rob brantley then went ahead and decided to elect free agency so rob brantley is a free agent going forward so this clears up a lot for the new york yankees as you guys know um and what it also sets up for is some really important rule five eligible players to be added to the 40 man roster unless you might have another um what’s his face another garrett whitlock out there and i have a name that could actually be that so you know it is what it is right that’s that’s where the new york yankees are right now and um you know we’ll see so let’s let’s forget about that forget about the moves li yanking my friend man thank you so much i greatly appreciate that do they add anthony volpe to the 40 man roster they don’t have to yet they don’t have to yet but that’ll definitely happen of course in the future volpe is the future of the yankees prospect pool and a lot of what they will be doing i think will actually be based around anthony volpe so getting into the rule five eligible guys so guys i’m gonna throw some names out there for you i’m gonna give you a list of these names some of them you’re gonna know some of them you may not so i’m gonna run through them here’s a couple of them randy vasquez and i’ll go over to guys i believe will be on there everson pierre matt sawyer steven ridings you guys should be familiar with oswaldo cabrera if you guys are not familiar with be familiar with them trey ambergee you guys are familiar with jp sears left-handed pitcher ron maran you know what gets me so mad when i see an italian name and i don’t pronounce it immediately ron marinaccio is a right-handed pitcher very good greg weissert sean simple trevor lane johnny brito and matt crook so guys out of those players i don’t know how many of you guys you know know all of these players but there’s a few of them i will go ahead and immediately tell you they’re going to be on the 40 man the yankees aren’t going to miss out on these guys so with that being said let’s go ahead and jump into who those guys are first one oswaldo cabrera if you guys do not know who oswaldo cabrera is know his name now he is gonna be a guy that’s gonna be talked about a lot during spring training he will be in a major league spring training camp no doubt about it and he will be on the 40-man roster if not a team will get him and he’ll be on a major league club somewhere that’s the talent level of this kid 22 years old triple a last year i’m actually played on uh two different teams double a and triple a both of them he was terrific more time in double a than anything but overall on the season 29 homers 89 rbis 21 stolen bases 272 average 330 on base percentage 863 ops switch hitter uh throws right-handed fast pretty good defense plays all over the place this is a keeper this is a keeper this is a guy no doubt about it that you can easily easily see on the yankee 40 man roster he will definitely be there oswaldo cabrera do not forget that name second guy on the list and guys right after we discuss all of this we will jump into the yankee off season i’ll answer your guys questions so oswaldo cabrera guys remember that name here’s a guy who can help the new york yankees next year everson pierre or everson pierra however you want to say it i’m trying to be as proper as i can there another guy outfielder 20 years old playing high a last year actually went through three teams rookie ball a ball and then hudson valley which is high a and he actually played the most in hudson valley but really came not necessarily came out of nowhere but really put himself on the prospect map 20 home runs last year 57 rbis 303 average 398 on base percentage and a 1.084 ops slap your mama that is good let me tell you right now here’s a guy undoubtedly is gonna be asked about a lot one of the yankees top prospects teams are gonna want him uh he’s a guy to also really keep your eye on the next two guys um and again steven writings and ron morenaccio are both likely could be added but i’m talking about the guys you may not know much about ron was terrific in triple a last year and you guys know already about steven writings we seen what he could do got injured didn’t finish the year at the yankees but the only reason he was down was because of the injury he would have been back but um i’m not gonna talk that much about those guys because we’ll see what happens with him i do expect him to get on there but these other two guys are very important um i think i just got a couple of super chats i want to go ahead and answer those mic because if i don’t answer them they’ll fall off so we are going to talk about the off season so let me see what mike said mike i greatly appreciate it thank you my friend listen i’m not saying seeger is bad but if he’s gonna get 250 million plus i’d rather much sign correa seeger has terrible defensive metrics i don’t get it uh and then my good friend anthony medina says pete the yankees at present have 34 players on the roster do you think there will be more because there are a few that are currently on the il yes there will be more openings on the 40-man roster and of course nada we’re talking about that yes there will be more there could definitely be some non-tenders also in there so i’m just talking about what’s happening today um but getting to the last two names that i want to chat about before we get into the off season and answer your guys questions the next guy is randy vasquez if you guys do not know who randy vasquez is learn the name really really quickly randy is 23 years old uh and uh this year excuse me i’m um ball high a ended with somerset terrific stuff excellent stuff overall in the season eight and four 2.52 era 23 games 21 games started 107 innings 130 strikeouts randy is a keeper learn to name he’s gonna be a guy to really look at next year randy vasquez it’s very hard to do things with one hand my goodness you never know until you know now i know last guys matt saw a sawyer excuse me i was about to say so i saw you i don’t know what the hell i’m saying matt sawyer here’s another guy right here uh throws very very hard could be a whitlock type if the yankees let him go could be a whitlock type highest he played all year was in high a hudson valley but on the season five and six 4.69 era 23 games 21 games started 111 innings 127 strikeouts he definitely piles up the k’s throws very hard a lot of people believe this kid is gonna actually end up being in the bullpen and a lot of people think he could do that right now he is extremely talented really really good player we’ll see what happens there rodiger i hope i’m saying the name right get correa for shortstop and move him to third um we are going to talk about all of that and you are actually right on time because we’re gonna talk about that stuff right now jeremy sweeney greatly appreciate the super chat also my friend uh thank you so much so guys let’s go ahead and get into it throw your questions out there uh let me know what you got what you want to talk about uh when it comes to the off season and we will go ahead and go from there uh let me see my give me one second guys i think my camera’s messing up on me one moment all right give me one second i might have to switch because with one hand i don’t think i can move this thing around one second everyone all right guys i am still here i have not gone away i think i’m gonna have to switch to my webcam sorry about that guys one moment let me see if this works hopefully it does there we go all right let me see if this works on here all right cool guys perfect a little close let me push this baby on back a little bit all right we are back in business guys i’m sorry about that okay so let’s go ahead and get to your guys questions as of right now ramon i see you immediately jump out what do i have any information as of right now guys no um nothing new besides what i’ve already reported and what i got out there so i don’t have much new information i obviously have my own thought process of what the yankees may do and i think we talked about that on the um no i was about my goodness on the designated spitters podcast so yeah please let me get to your guys questions let’s do this right now anthony medina says do you think gardy will be back i will say never say never but if you guys do remember i reported on that video of my friend who talked to brian cashman and i was told then that they don’t believe gardner is gonna be back i mean the words that i heard were they don’t expect that gardner is gonna be back but i’ll tell you right now you you will never know you’ll never know pete can you do the ymca ryan fam nah mag just one all i got is the one right now that is it so i would say as of right now i’d say right now no gardner is not back i’d say right now i don’t think they bring gardener back but it wouldn’t shock me one bit at all that wouldn’t shock me at all um trade gary sanchez for a let’s go brandon t-shirt we’ll see what happens with them luis heal starting the year in the rotation says matt g no i don’t believe so matt um and if that’s the case i probably wouldn’t be too happy because look one of the mistakes that yankee fans uh tend to make a lot is they’re putting a lot of value into what the rotation did in 2021 and that’s fine but to repeat that you know you don’t want to just sit back and go with the same guys you don’t want to go with the same gang i’ve said this i’m on record of saying this i’ve said this on the designated spitters podcast you guys can see it if you guys watched it you would know i am not a fan of not improving the yankees rotation i do believe robbie ray should be a main target i do think the yankee should also go out there potentially make a trade maybe a sean minaya maybe a basset maybe there’s another name out there that can make some sense maybe arizona’s willing to move um zach gallon maybe that’s a young guy the yankees could put some prospects towards and pick up maybe john gray these are all guys i will love and i really really believe the yankees need to go out there and do that i still believe pitching is key i know offense needs to do it but the yankees got a good situation believe it or not with their offense this is the thing that a lot of people don’t don’t understand when i talk about gary sanchez one of the first things people goes will pete how are we making up that production well what production and you don’t need production like that from everybody but you need role players that can make some good plays you need guys if you get rid of gary give me defense give me defense because that’s better than what gary was giving us so a lot of those things like that need to work out that way but um there’s a lot of good the yankees can do i just hope they improve the rotation significantly pete i’m surprised that and this is uh from li yank king ella man thank you so much i appreciate the super chats man really do pete i’m surprised that no one is talking about the number one priority this offseason signing aaron judge to an extension hey eli i’m with you i’ve said that you’ve heard me say that multiple times i thought the yankees would do it it it’s starting to look a little like we’re not hearing much about that but we’ll see right we will see um we’ll see what happens but um i know you guys heard me say john gray i would die and i may go against my own word that the yankees may never win a world series with aaron boone if the yankees make all these significant changes i am not confident that they will i’ve said this for a long time and i’m not gonna change on that i am not confident the yankees will make the changes they need to make which is a lot mind you i don’t think aaron hicks should be the center fielder i don’t think gary sanchez should be the catcher they obviously need a short stop and they need a first baseman i count anthony rizzo as a new guy i count anthony rizzo as a new guy because anthony rizzo was not here to start the year so i still count him as a new guy tyler says edit my trade before jason dominguez laboratories medina and gomes for jose ramirez and nick woodrin um look i don’t care about nick honestly if you could get me jose ramirez you do it you do it folks i’m gonna throw it out to you right now i’m gonna throw it out there to you right now would you include jason dominguez in a jose ramirez deal and i swear to god i better get the right answer i better get the right answer fam ramon yeah i would count gallo as a new guy he wasn’t there on 21. he wasn’t there in 21 so i would still count gallo as a new guy so guys let me let me see those let me see those answers in there cleveland calls you up and cleveland says guys we will talk as long as jason dominguez is in that deal what do you do greminator i know you’re better than that vamos brandon i know you better than that griminator i know you better than that this is the easiest answer in the world fam yes yes you do it yes my base is smarter than this oh god i’m i’m actually surprised that i see some of you saying you wouldn’t do it really riffle you guys know who i’m talking about here right jose ramirez jason dominguez is a super raw talent now we know the kid could be terrific we understand that this is a super raw talent guys jose ramirez has a great contract and he has everything the yankee offense needs are you guys serious right now you wouldn’t trade jason dominguez would you guys do it straight up now i’m kind of concerned here fan i’m concerned right now great point great point ramirez is the type of player you hope dominguez could turn into and he’s the guy right now we gotta win now fam you gotta you gotta do it now fam you gotta do it now me me yes 100 100 ramirez can go he could take over third base absolutely terrific i would do that in a heartbeat and of course look if you called up the indians and he said hey dominguez for him they’d be like yeah shut up not happening it’s gonna cost a lot it’s gonna cost a real lot to get a guy jose ramirez i i’m on record saying this he would be my guy he would be my guy before any free agent and kent you’re right there most people believe jason dominguez is about four years away so we’ll see pete um this is from li yankee king again pete i’m about i’m all about jram trust me but the window is shut time to sell off pieces not bring in players i would deal dominguez but not now you know here’s my thing about that here’s my thing about that nobody has you know i’ve been anybody who has watched me for a while knows the way i feel about the yankees and what they have to do this off season unless i will rip them a new every single day i think you guys know that about me already or confident that i will do that um no matter how big ny news gets which is gonna be very damn big by the way i’ll always rip this team a new when i have to and if they don’t go out there and do what they need to do you will hear me talking about it all year long the only shot this team has of winning with these guys is one or two years tops i believe that if they’re gonna go for it they gotta go for it now they do have a lot of young kids coming up that could really help them but they gotta do something now they gotta do something now they gotta do something now yeah i mean pierre could pierre could but i mean there’s a lot of good things you know um griminator i don’t know too much about suzuki the center field of the the right i believe he’s a right fielder actually um i know he got good speed so i don’t i don’t know much about him to honestly talk about if he could be a new center fielder for the yanks i i don’t know that much about him um i i honestly i don’t know much about him again i haven’t done any too much research on them and i’ve i haven’t heard of any connection for the yankees i think chris taylor would be terrific i think chris taylor would be a nice one now a lot of people see chris taylor and they look at the strikeouts i just see versatility with a guy like him i see versatility and he does well in the postseason you know he doesn’t fold under that pressure i think i already told you guys what my infield would be rizzo at first ramirez at third catcher would be stallings shortstop look you either sign somebody to a low-cost deal maybe an iglesias uh maybe give it to peraza and then second base is dj that would be my club that would be my club but we’ll see uh tyler says much love from canada appreciate all you do who’s gonna who’s gonna man center now with the gardner allen roster uh with the garden al ross opening up cheers um tyler i hate to spoil um your day and excuse me guys i’m sorry i’m that’s my damn eye here my goodness i hate to ruin your got your day maybe but it’s probably gonna be aaron hicks unfortunately it’ll probably be aaron hicks aaron hicks will likely be the center fielder for the new york yankees i mean just as what it is aaron hicks will likely be the guy in center field for the yanks he’s saying it but probably would be anthony my friend thank you pete the only way i would trade dominguez is that the anchors can get ramirez but it’s gonna take more to the to get him of course 100 right but i do it i go for it guys i go for it that’s what a winning team needs to do that’s what brian cashman needs to do that’s my i forgot it’s my webcam now and maybe a little careful that’s what he needs to do that’s what he needs to do you cannot come at this team this off-season okay we added seeger we’re good to go no you’re not and i urge yankee fans don’t fall for that don’t fall for it if our off season is a free agent shortstop stay home stay home let me do the dirty work because trust me i will you think my rats were bad last year wait until this year if they don’t do what they need to do stay home go buy a bucket of chicken at kfc forget buying a bucket of chicken in yankee stadium for 30 dollars let them keep it let him keep it they can’t come out here and say we got two guys we good to go we got hicks coming back we got severino coming back gary’s improved blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah same if that’s what brian cashman does forget it guys then then li yankee king is right sell guys you might as well sell that’s the case you might as well go you might as well go oh there’ll be a lot of ranting for me next year my blood pressure’s good though you know what i mean 2021 was tough on your boy almost died in january got covered shoulder stuff all messed up all in the same year blood pressure always stayed good fam i’m ready to go trust me i’m ready look this ain’t this ain’t gonna stop me all right i’m ready to go i’m waiting and i got a huge team coming behind me in january stay tuned for that guys december wait until you hear what ny news got planned for you and who’s coming on board and what we got you’re gonna have yankee galore everywhere so much content you ain’t gonna know what to do with it so much content you ain’t gonna know what to do with it johnny johnny by the way how’s the baby doing my fam my son said what’s up look at that i didn’t even see that before johnny i didn’t see that before what up little guy your gut feeling from what you heard what things you predict to happen who is the shortstop woo all right um you know johnny i’m gonna take the easy way out um because if i’m gonna go off of everything i hear you know what people tell me off record um you know after interviews and things like that everybody believes seeger is the guy um everybody believes seeger um i go a different route i i go a different route guys i really do um i go a different route uh i i look to sign pitching i like john gray i like robbie ray um i think you can make a trade for a big name whether that’s olson uh whether that is ramirez who i read that whether that’s cattell marte um uh whether whether that is um carson kelly there’s a lot of things out there that new york yankees can do um if you guys saw my video earlier that i released what might have been yesterday i think uh you know there’s a lot of these guys i’m not about um rodiger said move correa to third when the prospect is up you know i think that’s an idea for um what they plan on doing even if they got sega um seeger i think their idea would be to potentially move in the third but you know i heard something about anthony volpe and this was actually from cashman himself um in that conversation that i got to listen to um he believes and a lot of the yankees and the the yankees uh mino lee guys believe that anthony volpe is actually going to become a second or third baseman because they actually believe he’s gonna fill out his body’s gonna fill out more which may slow him down but they believe this kid’s actually gonna have more power than they ever expect him to have ella yanking my friend you are being way too generous today but um thank you that’s all i can say because all this stuff helps build the channel actually helps towards what is happening in january so li says pete here is my thing yes you have a window with coal but let’s be honest the team is constructed horribly and trading the guys i’ve said before is what the yankees need to do uh but here is the guys too and i’m guessing you’re gonna add more to that um but eli no i don’t disagree with you and i’ve said this before but it’s about who you trade and how you go about it there’s no reason to lock aaron judge up long term if you don’t expect to win there’s no reason to go out there and sign free agents if you don’t expect to win so the thing is we got to live in the reality of what the yankees are we can’t live in a well this is what we would do yeah that’s fun and all we can always talk about what we would do that’s an easy thing to do what we would do but that’s not going to be reality and we know that by living in brian cashman’s world for so many years my concern is i don’t know if brian cashman is the guy that could make enough moves and one kind of kick his ego to the side and go these moves didn’t work these moves didn’t work aaron hicks hasn’t worked so whether aaron hicks is our fourth outfielder and he gets playing time now and then or we attach a good prospect to him and move him that’s my thing i don’t know if brian cashman is that guy who could do that i don’t know if he’s that guy and that’s the truth i don’t know if he’s the guy that could do that in all in all seriousness i don’t know if he could do that stuff so we’ll see but that is my honest opinion of where they are right now uh let’s see i got hey simonetti soar sign chris bryant and if the yankees do sign clayton kershaw make him a reliever uh no i think i think a lot of that is off um i don’t think anybody would be too upset with brian i think brian’s a good player i don’t think it happens with the yankees and i would say no with anything with clayton kershaw i don’t think kershaw’s gonna want to be a reliever uh mike says do we bring tanaka back there’s the rumor again that like i said person i got that information from 100 legit no doubt about it we’ll see we’ll see i wouldn’t mind that if the yankees got a guy like right with him i wouldn’t mind if the yankees got a guy gray with him uh danny says attach some good prospects and move hicks to arizona for martay you know the thing is danny um why would arizona want hicks that’s the problem with aaron hicks he he has no value you know what i mean he’s not even a we saw last year you know he started to not even be a good he started to not even be a good center fielder anymore so i mean with that being said and on top of that it’s a team that’s looking to rebuild so i i don’t really know i don’t really i don’t know i i don’t i don’t know you know where hicks could be moved his off his salary is very movable so there’s a lot of people you know is his salary movable yeah his salary is is is extremely movable you could no doubt about it move his salary that’s not hard to do it’s just about doing it it’s just about doing it adding a prospect it’s got to be a good prospect too li yankee king you are being far far far too generous today my friend um i really really appreciate it fix it long time ray yes but yamamoto bring him in jonah heim iglesias and you have the left side of the infield uh long-term volpe at third peraza shortstop moving dj yes is unpopular but needs to be done uh where to start with this one fix it long time with rey yamamoto jonah heim i like jonah heim i don’t think jonah heim would cost much um he’s a younger pro younger catcher i believe he’s a switch hitter a pretty decent defensively texas rangers um wouldn’t be a horrible option if i’m the yankees and i’m looking to win jacob stallings the guy i go to if i’m looking to have a guy who could potentially you know come into his own and be a really all-star caliber catcher uh carson kelly is that guy but um there there’s not many others out there i think i i believe and i said this before i think jacob stalin’s the best bet for the yankees if they’re trying to win within the next two years that that’s my honest opinion trade hicks to minnesota for buxton trade hicks to any team for a year’s supply of unicornios for boone that would make sense that would make a lot of sense sports talker my friend how are you doing matt olson is the guy to yankees need a package of heel peraza voigt and wesneski uh should net the yankees matt olson it would save the a’s around six to seven million and net him some very very good prospects i’d be okay with that i’d be okay with that um i’ve said that i’ve said that for um a while i’d be okay with that and and at least sports talker you got the prospect that it actually would cost to be in that deal unlike a lot of times we see these deals and we’re like uh yeah that doesn’t make any sense at all so um no you are definitely spot on with that one i greatly um i appreciate that comment because that’s that’s very logical makes a lot of sense and i think yankee fans would be happy with that i’d do that deal i would do that deal on the heartbeat um no question about it also saves the yankees money in a sense of locking in anthony rizzo long term who i love and i’d be happy to see him back but maybe that money then could go elsewhere maybe that could go to a starting pitcher maybe that could go to a john gray maybe that could go to again whoever shortstop they get um you know maybe that goes to a couple of a couple of role players potentially anthony medina my friend thank you so much pete if yankees cannot extend aaron judge this year or next maybe they need to consider trading him i know people will get mad but i’m being real it depends on what the yankees do look if the yankees don’t lock this guy in long term it’s it’s not going to be too cute i’ll tell you right now because you’ll have teams like the giants you’ll have teams like the angels and it’s home for aaron judge lined up they will be lined up um to get him they’ll be absolutely lined up to get him no doubt about it and um you know a guy like aaron judge at some point you got to feel disrespected don’t you i mean at some point don’t you feel a little disrespected by your team just a little disrespected by your team to say i don’t know about it guys i’ve been here for a minute i’ve been kind of quiet we gonna do anything about this i don’t know i don’t know you you would expect you would expect that that something will get done here soon it’s kind of ballsy for the yankees to wait it’ll be kind of ballsy but uh we’ll see we’ll we’ll see what happens there well i expect aaron judge to be a yankee for good all right guys i am gonna get a r get ready to jump off here think the medication is kicking in starting to slur my words a little bit i swear to god there’s just water in here there’s just water in here that is it or is it no it really is it’s just water in there um guys i keep telling you guys this i keep saying this and it’s hard for me to stop talking about it january rolls along man um actually december you guys will know all the changes that team ny news is doing but i want you guys to be subscribed i want to hit 6 000 subscribers before january um and you guys are gonna see what terrific stuff we have in store and the people that we are bringing over new faces that you guys are gonna be like whoa when you see who is joining our team and it’s who is joining team ny news for the jump which is january january starts immediately the programming begins so you guys are going to be i’m telling you’re going to be really really happy what we have coming for you guys so much yankee content by so many different voices that’s what i really like uh whether people agree with me they may agree with somebody else that is on our page and ny news is gonna always do one thing we’re gonna keep it real no matter what even if the voices change we’re going to keep it real no matter what even if the voice is changing it’s different people will always keep it real on this on this um channel so again guys thank you so much everybody who contributed today thank you for being here everybody who did the super chats thank you so much for all of that all of that is going to what we are building i promise it ella yanking again man thank you so much you really didn’t have to do a super chat on that one but judge contract nine years 270. we’ll see we’ll see what that is but i’m telling you man yankees be smart do not disrespect judge you never know you’ve never known a lot of teams will love him i think the giants will be all over them you guys heard kevin kern kevin kernan told him personally you might want to see what the giants offer you so we’ll see what happens um the january yankee talk with chad curtis and john wetland you know guys ryan’s always going to be here too ryan’s always gonna have fun with us so everything we’re doing now though is not going away so just to give you guys a heads up if you like the live chats they’re not going away there’s actually gonna be more of them you hear that there’s actually going to be more of them if you guys like designated spitters it’s not going away it’s just going to be better if you guys like yankee podcast by different people it’s gonna be a lot more of them and better than they were before if you guys like live pregames and post games you don’t want to hear the yes network live post game or pre-game we’ll be here for that if you’re a new york yankee fan i’m keeping it real with you there’s no other place to be especially for next year guys i appreciate you have a wonderful night i am gonna go lay down because the medication is kicking in and um i will talk to you guys again very very soon again you guys are the best stay tuned subscribe like share you guys know the routine and we will talk again soon so yeah thank you guys have a good night want me