Bryan Reynolds In CF? The Yearly Rumor Is Back! @SimonettiSource

November 11, 2021


what is going on everybody pete simonetti here for nyy news the off season daily daily has something going on today is a player that you guys if you are a regular subscriber got so many new subscribers so thank you guys so much but if you have been a regular or if you’ve watched me and never subscribed and you still don’t and hopefully you do but if you have watched me for a long time you’re going to be familiar with this name because i’ve told you guys the yankees have had interest before now it’s being confirmed again by a lot of the mainstream guys um brian reynolds pittsburgh pirates it’s becoming a daily rumor and if they don’t get him now it’ll continue to be a daily rumor until he’s traded because the one thing we know for a fact with pittsburgh is this guy is an elite ball player he’s young he’s eventually gonna come due and he’ll be moved whether it’s at arbitration or before that he’ll be moved uh when it gets to that time it’s the pittsburgh pirates they’re not gonna hold on to a superstar unless they somehow lock him up early but eventually brian reynolds will be traded so it’s either gonna be a constant story for years to come or it’s gonna be something that pops off now and it could make some sense so for the fans first of all who do not know who brian reynolds is pittsburgh pirates center fielder young 26 years old will be 27 next year on the season had a six war had a career high with 24 homers 302 average uh eight triples 20 again 24 home runs 90 rbis five stolen bases 75 walks on base percentage 390 batting average 302 as i said slugging 522 ops 912. this is a terrific ball player 35 doubles again good center fielder also just uh 2022 projection has him again having a solid year uh that’s with the pirates so again with the team like the yankees it would be very interesting to see how those projections would change i’m definitely we’re bad at the top of the order uh would be tremendous but let me go ahead and just kind of level set with you guys here i know a lot of good people in pittsburgh um it’s actually one of the teams where if again you guys have paid attention to me and have watched me for a while you would know i always have good information on pittsburgh whether it comes back to the time of the cold trade whether it’s jamison tyone um whatever it may be when the yankees are dealing with pittsburgh um just as recently as last year when clay holmes i was the probably one of the only guys saying everybody hold on a second i got some great information on who this guy is and we saw he was actually elite and that’s what i was told when they got him like it was oh pete you know hold up a second you guys actually got a pitcher who is really really good and the only reason why i got that information is to have really good connections out there with guys in pittsburgh who know the team see the team watch the team are very familiar with the way they go about their business so one of the things i’ve heard about today when i asked about it was quite simple they’ll listen the pirates will listen if a team comes to the table and blows them away and they know that they can replace reynolds and then add immediately within the next one to two years because if you guys don’t know the pirates people hear the pirates and are just like uh it’s the pirates who cares no no no no no wait a second the pirates have legitimate players coming up they got cruz at short gonzalez coming up at second base could play third i believe also um again you know about uh keep ryan hayes already they got uh davis who’s one of the they just drafted as a catcher is going to be ready soon then i mean they got a lot of swaggerties another guy heads another guy in the outfield uh quinn priester um former yankee contreras uh terrage i think his name is i forgot his last name but he’s another starting pitching prospect um something like that his name is i forget how to say his name but point is they got a lot of good going for them when it comes to guys coming up um and a lot of those guys are very very close so you’re looking at within 2022 to 2023 these guys are going to be ready so when you look at a trade like this you look at it from the pirates perspective we don’t have to trade brian reynolds we have no reason to trade we might be able to win with him at least become contenders with him and they could that’s not a joke that’s not me being that’s not be you know joking about this the pirates have a chance to be a contender in the next two to three years no doubt about it um if they get lucky and these guys come up and perform next year 2023 they could fight and be a much better club uh i think the main 2024 2025 potentially they could they could really be a very very good squad so looking at that at the pirates point of view okay we’ll consider it we know some clubs got great farm systems one of the clubs that are also interested in rentals per reports i can’t really speak for other clubs but perta reports of the mainstream guys are the mariners the mariner’s got a ton of prospects one of the best systems in the game so if the mariners approach them and go well we’ll give you this this this this and that one three four seven and eight on our pool or maybe a guy that’s already at the level you guys like you know we can we can talk about that the one good thing that the yankees also do have because i’m not a mariners channel of course i’m gonna speak on what the yankees trade would have to be is if you could convince the pirates and say to them well we’re getting one of your major leaguers i would like to add stallings in on that but i’ll get i’ll get to that later i would like to give you all multiple major leaguers for your one major leaguer and they’re also controllable what that could mean is first of all one of your top guys gotta be in there and i’m almost gonna hold out peraza on this deal because i think that’s an olsen thing and the yankees can still build on that but just speaking of this so if i add peraza forget the olsen stuff for now this is just a video based on what it could take right now to get reynolds if if if these are all ifs because again guys you know i don’t like doing all the trade stuff but what you’re looking at is saying okay one of our best prospects is jason dominguez we’ll entertain that well entertain dominguez you guys like them cool but how i’m going to try to convince you of this deal is that dominguez isn’t ready so he’s not going to help that pool of where you guys think you contend soon you’re looking at 2024 2025 that’d be ready which could actually be a great time for your organization what we will do is supply you right now with guys who are already close to being ready very very close estevan floriel could immediately take over in center field luis heal could immediately jump into the rotation davy garcia could immediately jump into a rotation or a bullpen clark schmidt the same thing and these are still top prospects but then we got prospects luis medina oswald peraza they already got a lot set up on the infield so i don’t know how interested they would be in a guy like peraz i’m sure he still would be but medina heal um oswaldo cabrera could potentially be a starter this year um everson pierre could also be an outfielder very very close to being ready so the point here is if you can convince them to say look we can actually supply you with two to three cost-effective guys at the major league level right now or within next year that you can build upon if that’s something that’s attractive to the pirates which if i were to pirates it would be because if i could say okay i’ll trade reynolds i already have his replacement in center field with estevan floreal who may hit for more power he pro he’ll bat less he’s not the same player but he could supply us with a lot of power he could also surprise everybody and be very good as i believe he will become we know his glove is great in center field we know he has an arm we know he can run so he’s going to steal us more bases than reynolds does he could potentially for more power yeah he’s gonna strike out more yeah he’s gonna bat lower but we’re not contending next year this kid may turn into a really good ball player we know jason dominguez is down the line we know what that talent looks like that’s a blue chip prospect louise heal fits into our rotation very nice now at rusny contreras maybe keller gets it going finally brutabaker maybe we got something a little something going on there quinn priester isn’t far away i like the sound of that i like the sound of that oswaldo cabrera could play all over maybe he’s almost ready to go so a lot of good there a lot of ways you could make it make sense for the pirates i still believe the more realistic guy so francis actually sent me this india he’s like pete would you give up the top top guys if they added stallings also so he’s talking about volpe and everybody else i’m like whoa that’s a tough one with if i entertain that you must have the other guys involved also and what i mean by that is you gotta know you’re signing seeger you gotta know you’re getting robbie ray because if you dump the farm you gotta know that team you’re putting out there is like unheard of it would have to be a team that’s like fam if these guys stay healthy not even aaron boone could make this team bad like it’s that type of thing like if you added reynolds seeger stallings ray maybe maybe another pitcher maybe olson i don’t know how you do it but if you do some astronomical buxton maybe you do some astronomical thing then then you could maybe empty the farm a little bit but in reality to sum up this video i don’t think it happens i don’t think reynolds is traded i think if he is it would be amazing if the yankees get him it’s gonna cost a lot it’s going to hurt but get stallings too then if that’s ever the case you know add up on both positions yankees can’t make all these trades and and keep gary sanchez around so you guys have been amazing by the way views are through the roof subscribers are through the roof guys we had a goal like i said of 6 000 subscribers by january 1st we’re already at over 5700 we’re about 290 something away from breaking that goal already we might have to increase that goal uh come december so again guys thank you so much for everything you’re doing thank you so much for enjoying the page talking about it the way you are again comments below let me know what you think of brian reynolds is it possible in your opinion from what i hear likely not but if it is it’ll be a absolute blowout deal they’re gonna have to really knock the pirates out their seats to make a deal so you guys again let me know in the comments below do you like reynolds what would that trade look like for you on the yankee side who would you be willing to offer again guys this is pizza manetti for the one the only nyy news talk to you all again very very soon tell me